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CreativeExecs Roundtables

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Roundtable Discussions for In-House Creative Leaders

In partnership with The BOSS Group, Cella brings together creative executives for moderated peer discussions on topics tailored to the unique challenges facing leaders of in-house departments.

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Prior Roundtable Topics


Managing a Multigenerational Team, Fall 2016
The Changing Talent Acquisition Landscape in the Creative, Marketing and Digital Space, Spring 2016


Expanding Your Team’s Scope of Work, Fall 2017
Retaining Team Members in a Tight Talent Market, Spring 2017


Launching and Advancing Your In-House Video Team
Process Improvement Compels IHAs and Clients to Implement Change
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Workfront: Mastering Adoption and Workflow
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The Buzz and The Reality: Making Agile Work for In-house Agencies
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