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Cella In-House Agency
Leadership Summit

San Francisco | Jan. 28 - 29, 2020

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Leading the Sessions: Our In-House Industry Experts


Sophy Regelous | Managing Director, Cella

Speaker: Future Proofing

Sophy is a hands-on team builder and trusted collaborator with a reputation for forming and energizing world-class teams, forging solid client relationships and cultivating strategic alliances with partners, vendors and colleagues. She is a process efficiency expert, a change manager and a turnaround operations specialist who finds workable solutions for companies in need of operational excellence and financial control. To successfully create and drive process that delivers exponential revenue and profit contributions, Sophy has developed expertise in generating and implementing continuous process improvement methodologies.

What People Say About Sophy
Sophy is one of the smartest, most decisive and logical people I have worked with during my 25 years in the ad agency world. Her intelligence, insight and compassion all make her a leader of the highest caliber by any definition of the word. She is also a total pleasure to be around, particularly when pressure is high. She elevates the thinking and energy of every situation she is brought into with her thought process, experience, as well as her great humor.
- Martin Mannion SVP, Director of Professional Strategy

Naomi Blumenthal | Senior Consultant, Cella

Speaker: Skinny on Agile

Naomi offers more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising operations and creative execution. She has delivered traditional campaign materials and software products, introduced exciting new technologies and paved the way to greater efficiency for creative operations clients in retail and fashion, as well as the highly regulated pharmaceutical and financial services industries. As a management consultant and business analyst, she has led clients through process improvement initiatives and software implementations, helping them to establish performance metrics, improve responsiveness and drive operational changes that enhance results while simplifying life.

What People Say About Naomi
I had the pleasure of working with Naomi on redefining the direct marketing process end-to-end. I found Naomi to be very detailed oriented with a strong eye for establishing processes that accounted for a variety of complex scenarios. Given that she has worked with a number of clients in different industries, I found her to be very adaptable to demanding situations and projects and, more importantly, she is a pleasure to work with.
- Rakesh R. Iyer, VP Direct Marketing / CRM, Fidelity Investments

Jackie Schaffer | Vice President & General Manager, Cella

Panel Moderator: Real-World Lessons for Impact Today 
Speaker: What’s Next for In-House and External Agencies

As Cella’s general manager and vice president, Jackie is responsible for the success of Cella’s end-to-end suite of services including managed in-house agencies, consulting and training solutions—all designed exclusively for the in-house creative community. Jackie was the original author and analyst for the In-House Creative Industry Report, which was first published in 2011. She has spoken at numerous industry events, and her work has been published within many industry resources. Prior to joining Cella, Jackie was the in-house creative leader of an international "mega-sized" team, which she led through an evolution from production studio/print design shop to strategic partner/multi-media studio.

What People Say About Jackie
Jackie is a special creative strategist and leader who gauges success relative to business objectives. She repeatedly astonished me with innovative, integrated approaches and creative designs that produced results. Even in a tight budget environment the production level, professionalism and quality were always there—no compromises.
- Stuart Itkin, Chief Marketing Officer (former client)

Andy Epstein | Director of Solutions, Cella

Speaker: Owning Change

Andy has worked in the in-house creative services space for over 25 years, having successfully built and led both small and large multidisciplinary teams in a range of industries. By leveraging both creative and operational expertise, the teams Andy has led have consistently exceeded established KPIs and outperformed peer groups in the industry. Andy has been a passionate supporter of the in-house community and has written and spoken extensively at numerous industry events partnering with flagship organizations such as HOW and AIGA. In addition, he cofounded InSource, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting in-house creative teams. He has published The Corporate Creative, one of the few books specifically focused on the in-house professional.

What People Say About Andy
Andy helped us tackle our most complex challenges for our In-House Creative Agency enabling our group to seize new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and stay ahead of customer demand. Andy’s knowledge of the creative industry and leadership was critical to the successful implementation of a Creative Shared Service team, and his positive and supportive culture encourages our people to do their best work every day.
- Michael Papson, Creative Services Director
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