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Announcing the

Cella In-House Agency
Leadership Summit

San Francisco | Jan. 28 - 29, 2020

$1495 | Standard Fee

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Event attendees will benefit from insights on:


What’s Next for In-House and External Agencies

Will the pendulum swing back in favor of external agencies? How can you guide your company toward an appropriate balance? How can internal and external agencies collaborate efficiently and work together fluidly?
Speaker: Jackie Schaffer

The Skinny on Agile

First and foremost, it’s universally agreed that no one size fits all. Based on that premise, our Agile masterminds will explore hybrid approaches and practical executions that you can immediately bite into—and savor real results where it matters.
Speaker: Naomi Blumenthal

Owning Change

Change Management may seem like just another buzzword, but it’s also the most common reason in-house agencies fail to evolve. Leaders need to play a critical role beyond planning the change—they need to ensure that change happens.
Speaker: Andy Epstein

Future Proofing & the Creative Stack

Doing tomorrow what you’re doing today will lead to extinction. Knowing what is on the horizon to help you deliver exceptional creative and innovative approaches will keep your in-house agency at the forefront of rapid evolution. Get updates on the emerging tools and platforms needed for digital dexterity and competitive advantage.
Speaker: Sophy Regelous

Real-World Lessons for Impact Today

Our consulting team has worked intimately with nearly 300 in-house agencies. We’ll share a panoramic view of what the best-in-class teams are doing, their common challenges and the greatest opportunities for growth, plus lessons learned from their successes and misses.
Speaker: Jackie Schaffer