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Washington, D.C.    June 6-7, 2019


Valerie Fedun, Cella's operations director, has spent her career in marketing and advertising across a variety of industries, ranging from small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. She is known for her patience, perseverance and perspective, finding the right time, advocating for the right outcome and evaluating success from her stakeholder’s perspective. Valerie has deep experience leading complex and effective marketing initiatives from corporate brand creation and organizational value prop development to product launches, customer experience projects and sophisticated campaigns aimed at changing entrenched consumer behavior. She balances her ability to bring others along with a commitment to executional excellence.


Danielle Karpinski, the project management team lead within the Cella studio at Merck, has been in advertising and marketing for more than 20 years. She began her career as a traffic coordinator at CommonHealth, quickly earning account management roles on a succession of new drug launches. She's worked at Novartis, InVentiv Health and EarthColor. Most recently Danielle was the account lead for the Diabetes Franchise at Bristol-Myers Squibb's in-house creative agency. It was in that position that she realized her passion for creative operations. She focuses her attention on routinely rethinking workflows, embracing new project management tools, training and driving best in class customer service.