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Washington, D.C.    June 6-7, 2019

This training is for project managers within in-house creative teams who are looking to improve their project management skills and learn best practices and standards to more effectively coordinate and manage creative projects.

As a project manager, you may be required to have basic knowledge of various types of projects across media platforms. Project Manager Boot Camp will take you through a review of project management operations across the most common in-house project types. Developed by project managers and producers with 15+ years of experience, the project management training concentrates on the development of an operations manual, with step-by-step guidelines across the fundamental operational aspects of the project management role, including:

Project lifecycle
Roles and responsibilities
Project management tool use
Client relationship management
Glossary of terminology

Why attend?
Attendees will gain the real-world skills needed to ensure print, digital and video projects run smoothly and will walk away with a workbook containing SOPs and processes they can implement immediately.

Who should attend?
Project managers with two or more years of experience looking to manage print, digital and video projects more effectively.