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Project Manager Boot Camp 2

As a project manager, you may be required to have basic knowledge on many types of projects such as collateral, digital, video, events, etc. Project Manager Boot Camp 2.0 will review project management operations across print, digital and video as the three most common in-house project types. Developed by project managers and producers with 15+ years of experience, our second level of project management training concentrates on the development of an operations manual consisting of step-by-step guidelines across the operational aspects of the project management role, including:

  • Glossary of terminology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Process/workflow/SOPs
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Project management tool use (demonstrations across a project's lifecycle)
  • Client relationship management (managing through tough conversations)
  • Resources

PMBC 1 is NOT a prerequisite to attend PMBC2.


Project Manager Boot Camp 1

The army’s first assignment may be boot camp, but unfortunately when you become a project manager within an in-house creative team you are not always afforded the advantage of peers to learn from or role-specific onboarding. To that end we have developed Project Manager Boot Camp to support the advancement of in-house creative project managers from “winging it” to having a set of tools and best practices.

Ideal attendees include in-house creative project managers—who may also be called account managers or account coordinators in your organization—looking to improve their basic project management skills to a more advanced level. Attendance is limited to approximately 40 attendees to ensure optimal participation and interaction among attendees. 

Project Manager Boot Camp (custom)

This one-and-a-half day seminar is produced and delivered on-site for individual creative departments and in-house agencies that are seeking to elevate the performance of their internal project management function. Up to 25 participants from the department generally attend. Primary training sessions include:

  • Overview of Project Management Best Practices
  • Soft Skills of Being a Project Manager
  • Customized Workshop: Managing the Lifecycle of Your Complex Projects