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Creative Services Organizational Design Theories

There’s no one right way to structure a creative team, but there are universal concepts of hierarchy, opportunity, and variety to consider as they relate to your organization. Our session leader will present actual org structures from across various industries and team sizes, and the design theories behind each. We will also discuss key imperatives to consider when redesigning your org structure.

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Evaluating Candidates—Interview & Portfolio Review Best Practices

It’s challenging to evaluate a candidate’s ability to contribute and succeed in your organization in the short span of an interview—but often that’s exactly what is required. During a period of several hours, you need to judge technical ability, creative talent and/or business knowledge, culture fit, and soft skills. We will cover interview best practices, key questions to ask, whom to involve in the process and portfolio review tips..

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Balancing Creative & Non-Creative Performance Feedback

It’s tricky to develop metrics for talent and interpersonal skills, yet both are equally valid performance measures. Couple those skills with the hard skills of time management, accuracy, and technical skills, and writing a review for a creative can be challenging—especially given the rise of rigid performance management systems. Our session leader will discuss how to give clear, useful and unbiased feedback on both creative and non-creative performance, as well as discuss how to supplement or work within required corporate performance review systems.

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Train the Trainer: Corporate Etiquette & Communication Skills

Technical and creative mastery does not ensure that creatives will be successful when working in a corporate environment. Because in-house creatives often take on broad business functions outside of their functional training and expertise, they need to acquire and put into practice effective communication, interpersonal, and collaborative skills. Our session leader will provide coaching and mentoring strategies and tactics that creative team leaders can employ to promote effective communication and collaboration. Attendees will receive tools and techniques so that they can educate and empower their teams to work effectively with their peers, clients, and managers.

In addition to hearing best practices and advice from Cella, attendees will also benefit from sharing and learning from each other. Rounding out the podium presentations will be roundtable discussions that either complement the days’ topics or address topics we know to be keeping creative leaders up at night. You’ll also take home an “operations toolbox” thumb drive with templates and tools to put best practices into immediate action.