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Consulting Services

Setting & Communicating Client Expectations

When the pressure’s on, creating formal client expectations is essential to avoiding staff burnout and client dissatisfaction. Clear communication of these expectations is equally essential. Our session leader will explain why setting and communicating expectations with internal clients is paramount to the success of the creative team, and how a service level agreement (SLA), as well as proactive practices, can support that priority. In addition, we will share best practices in collecting client feedback.

Consulting Services

Building Blocks for Creative Operations

While creative services outputs are typically considered art, several aspects of the operation are more of a science—or at least they should be. Time tracking (regardless of chargeback status) and job tracking are key tools to running your shop like a business and enabling more accurate resource planning, project planning, and overall effectiveness across your team. Our session leader will cover the benefits of time and job tracking, which metrics creative departments should track, how to define supply and forecast demand, plus best practices for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Consulting Services

Setting & Accomplishing Strategic Priorities

Some may call it a strategic plan, others a strategic guess—but regardless, it’s the role of the creative leader to set the department’s annual and long-term priorities. Our session leader will present a road map for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your department’s success and for creating a prioritized approach to attacking the resulting projects. The session focuses on building and communicating an action plan and gaining team buy-in. We will also discuss the benefits of recruiting an advisory board.

Consulting Services

Engaging, Developing, & Promoting Your In-House Team

Most in-house groups view self-marketing as unnecessary because they have a “built-in” client base. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In-house groups must prove their worth daily. Promoting your shop as a “vendor of choice” is a never-ending job and one that’s counterproductive unless the team can deliver. Creative leaders must commit to and invest in their teams. We will discuss why engagement is everyone’s job, and how the creative leader can gain grassroots support in this endeavor. In addition, we will share development activities that managers can promote, which can benefit the larger organization, as well as the benefits and best practices of “road shows.”

In addition to hearing best practices and advice from Cella, attendees will also benefit from sharing and learning from each other. Rounding out the podium presentations will be roundtable discussions that either complement the days’ topics or address topics we know to be keeping creative leaders up at night. You’ll also take home an “operations toolbox” thumb drive with templates and tools to put best practices into immediate action.