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Driving Your Business Forward Through a Managed In-House Studio Solution

Helping large companies and their creative leadership teams overcome obstacles that impact their ability to manage the flux of creative work, add headcount and adapt to changing demands or dynamics of the organization is our specialty. Through our agency model, we deliver on a four-point value proposition:


Enhanced responsiveness and speed


Cost savings through right-size and right-fit staffing, and greater throughput


Best-in-class talent delivering accuracy, creativity, brand consistency and service excellence


Staff and process flexibility to adapt to changing business needs

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How We Work

Our primary function is to get the work done from end-to-end—from relationship management, creative strategy and project intake through conceptual development, and production through output. At Cella, we are well positioned to manage full-service in-house agencies, production studios and functional teams of any size.

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In-House Creative Experts Working for You

Cella’s on-site managed in-house studio teams partner with clients to provide creative services through a best-in-class model that delivers value in a high-performing in-house agency. The flexibility and industry-leading expertise that we offer is unmatched by our competitors.

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