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Evolving for Life

Our mission at Cella is simple — and compelling. We position creatives and in-house agencies for success so that they, in turn, can help uphold the goals of the greater organization. At Merck, we're inspired by scientists whose work leads to better health for society and generations to come. "Evolving for Life" reflects our commitment to investing in a partnership that supports Merck's mission of "Inventing for Life." We're passionate about delivering effective results, efficiently. This ability to produce appropriate creative outcomes at appropriate costs enables Merck to direct even more of its investments in ways that benefit society.

The In-House Agency Value Proposition

An in-house agency's work must meet the creative needs of the greater organization. Otherwise the agency team will become not just irrelevant, but worse, an unnecessary expense for the host organization — regardless of other benefits it brings. This is why creative excellence should be the pivotal component of the agency's value proposition. And why focusing on what drives creativity and innovation should be a top priority for the in-house team's leadership.

Creative teams must successfully address three best practices to achieve the holy grail of creativity and innovation:

Talented Creative Staff
Strategic and Supportive Account Services Partners
Repeatable and Scalable Operations



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