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Organizational Strategy & Design

Organizational Strategy and Design

Stay Ahead in a Changing Landscape

It is likely that what has worked well in the past, may not work in the future. A sound organizational strategy is the foundation for any team’s health and productivity, and in-house agencies must continuously adapt and evolve to maximize their performance. The dynamics and requirements are always changing. The work and the volume differ each year. The structure of the broader corporation shifts. Technology and the required skills behind the technology change, sometimes at a disruptive pace. And the list goes on.

Cella’s experienced organizational consultants help companies to stay ahead of this ever-evolving climate through a refined methodology that includes, but is not limited to:

Team Structure
Role Definition & Delineation
Role Leveling & Career Paths
Compensation Benchmarking
New Capability Design & Stand-up
Capacity Planning & Resource Management
Flexible Staffing Models
Process Dependencies
Service-level Agreements
Operational-level Agreements
Funding Model Optimization
Department-level Cost Analysis

Cella also incorporates valuable industry benchmarks and insights into our recommendations for validation. This invaluable information has been assembled from hundreds of consulting engagements, and through data collected from more than 500 large corporations as part of our annual industry surveys.

Adapt to changes quickly with a sound organizational strategy.

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