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Evolving In-House Agency Business Strategy and Services

Future State Planning

Adapt to a Changing Dynamic

Corporate re-organizations, disruptive technology advancements, operational inhibitors and changing end-customer buying patterns occur often. Companies must remain nimble and proactive in order to respond to these evolving dynamics and deliver high-value creative solutions to their organizations. Cella helps companies who have established in-house agencies or are at the early stages of creating one, to meet both the near and long-term objectives of the business. We promote efficient and cost-effective creative operations that enable the scalability and flexibility needed to rapidly adapt to the surrounding environment.

Future state planning engagements include:

In-Depth Needs Analysis
Department or Capability-Level Strategy & Scope of Services
Performance Metrics & KPI Strategy
Business Case & Year-Over-Year ROI Analysis
Funding and Billing Model Strategy & Design
Operational Road Map & Implementation Plan Development
Design, Implementation & Change Management Support in the following categories:
  • Account & Project Management
  • Planning & Workload Forecasting
  • Process/Workflows – intake through project close-out
  • Project Management & Digital Asset Management Technology
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Billing Model & Supporting SOPs
  • Resourcing Strategy

Planning the establishment or the evolution of your in-house department? Get the direction you need.   

Our Other Consulting Services

Cella helps companies of all sizes resolve common challenges and transform their creative operations to become more efficient, more productive and more successful.